Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Practitioner Course

Spring 2013


Lomi Lomi is the unique healing art form arising from the Hawaiian archipelago over the last thousand years. I studied in 1999 with ‘Aunty’ Margaret Machado, my Kumu and a true Kahuna and was lucky enough to apprentice with her for a full year. She was recognised as a Hawaiian treasure for her work in preserving the practice of Lomi Lomi. The massage of Lomi Lomi goes much further than what we in the West consider massage due to the culture of Aloha that permeates the theory and practice; and the unique way of looking at and treating the body this gives, making it a thoroughly holistic and therapeutic treatment.

It is a deeply satisfying experience both to give and to receive, safeguarding the practitioner from injury and containing valuable skills for both those new to massage and the experienced practitioner. The tools and techniques alone make this a vital addition to any hoping to treat others long term.

This basic Practitioner diploma course in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, following the tradition of Aunty Margaret Machado, is a comprehensive massage course designed to give a thorough grounding in the theory and application of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi principles in a clinical setting and the tenets that differentiate Lomi Lomi from other massage therapies. It will give you 100 hours of training which will include case studies, Lomi Lomi theory discussions and practical assessments.

At each stage, participants will have to show an aptitude and awareness of key elements that make Lomi Lomi unique such as Ho-oponopono, ‘loving touch,’ body mapping and Ho’omanawanui as well as showing a well -rounded, flowing massage routine; with clinical procedures in place to a sufficient standard of competence.

All written work – case studies and self -assessed review tests – are to support the presentation of an aptitude for the understanding of the underlying principles and safe application of Lomi Lomi; allowing the student to record and review client progress and broaden their learning whilst meeting professional requirements.
The requirements for graduation are:

  • Complete financial obligations before session 1 unless otherwise arranged with tutor
  • Complete minimum 60hrs of contact teaching time with tutor
  • Complete case studies- 6 case studies of 5hrs minimum showing clinic notes, consultation and follow up
  • Complete A&P certificate (not covered on course)
  • Complete all written and review aspects to satisfactory standard
  • Complete assessment 1hr consultation and treatment
  • Attain satisfactory standard in attendance, technique, application of technique, Lomi Lomi theory, clinical procedure

On completion of the above, you will be awarded a Practitioner Diploma in Basic Lomi Lomi, accredited with IPTI


Course cost: £995 Dates: Feb 22-24th, Mar 22-24th, April 13-14th 2013

For full syllabus contact:  Beth French at contact@hawaiianlomilomi.co.uk